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No explosives were found in their luggage or on the plane and a spokeswoman for the airport said the remaining passengers were scheduled to fly on to London around 1100 GMT. Nine people received medical treatment after all 151 passengers were evacuated from the Airbus 319 aircraft using emergency slides. The pilot diverted the flight from Ljubljana to Cologne on Saturday evening after passengers reported that the men were talking about "terrorist matters", police and state prosecutors said in a joint statement. Bild newspaper quoted a spokesman for the German federal police as saying the pilot decided to land the aircraft in Cologne after passengers told airline personnel they had heard the men using words including "bomb" and "explosive". The men were aged 31, 38 and 48, a spokesman for Cologne police said. Bild newspaper said the men worked for a London company and were returning to London after a business trip. A backpack that belonged to the men was examined and destroyed in a controlled explosion by authorities but no dangerous contents or explosives were found in the bag or on board the aircraft, a police spokesman said. Police and prosecutors had said they were investigating a suspicion that the men were preparing to carry out, "a serious violent crime that could have jeopardized the state". On Sunday, the police spokesman said it was unclear if any charges would be brought against the men. The airport spokeswoman said air traffic had returned to normal after a three-hour interruption on Saturday evening. Seventeen arriving flights were diverted to other airports, 20 departing flights were significantly delayed and two flights were canceled, the airport said.

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However, tax incentives granted to spur the redevelopment mean that revenue to the city isn't as large as it once was, says Austin Grammer, the city's economic development coordinator. Bloomington faces a daunting task at the Eastland Mall, which this year has already lost Macy's, Gap, Gap Kids, Radio Shack and MC Sports. Penney is slated to close its store this summer, leaving the mall with a slimmed anchor roster of Kohls and the financially shaky Sears and Bergner's. Publicly available data on sales per square foot and store size point to an annual sales tax loss from those store closings of around $700,000. The city expects to recoup a large share of that, however, as shoppers migrate to other stores still in business. Also, Bloomington and surrounding taxing districts will likely see a decline in property tax revenue. The Macy's property, for example, had previously been assessed at a value of $7 million, but mall owner CBL & Associates recently purchased it for just $2 million, a transaction sure to translate into a much lower tax assessment. Since 2015, Illinois law enables the state to collect its portion of the sales tax from Amazon and other online retailers as long as they maintain a physical presence in Illinois. But observers like Scott Shumard—city manager of Sterling, a town two hours west of Chicago that expects the pending closure of a Penney's store could blow a $90,000 hole in its sales tax receipts—argue that the state should find a way to make e-commerce players pay the same local tax revenues long imposed on sales at brick-and-mortar stores.

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